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ACEC  90* l, 2016

 193 steps, 1 move,


250 cm  x 420cm 

entire randam walk (ERW), 2013

Würzburg selection 1 to 5, 

nk jet print on fine art paper

59 cm  x  42 cm   each

Thomas Wildner, BBK Unterfranken 2013 before
Thomas Wildner, BBK Unterfanken 2013 after

before BBK after , 2013

411 steps, 2 moovements

  ink jet print on fine art paper 118cm x 76 cm

Thomas Wildner, rw Phoebus ff

​rw Phoebus ff , 2009

250 steps,1 move,

ink jet print on fine art

118 cm x 76 cm

Edited Image 2013-2-28-13_7_17

rw futura ff.2004

Wall painting

360 cm x 200 cm

before archipel after, 2004

Wall painting

two peaces

200 cm x 210 cm


rw nieuwe vide ff, 2004

Wall painting

290 cm x 290 cm


The length and the direction

of the line is given by the

value of the last two digits of

the telephone numbers of the

Appeldorn telephone directory.

Starting point is the centre

of the colourfield. Both lines

are developing into two

directions. In the left painting

the telephone numbers noted

before the notation of the

Archipel gallery are used, in

the right the ones after.

thomas wildner  drawing, leaving LA

leaving L.A. in 9 moves, 2003
digital print
9 prints each
59,4 cm x 42 cm

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