Diggels, 2020

Folly Art Norg

Concept of a Folly for the 2020 folly exhibition in Norg ( NL)”

Computer simulation,


Apen(t)rots, 2010

Aalsmeer Kuddelstaat

Concept of a hangout for adolescents in the centre of the town “Kudelstaart”

Computer simulation,


Part of the‘ Oog in Oog’ project of the Amsterdam city police.

Police work in the neighbourhood seen through the eyes of the artists.

In state of amerce unwanted loitering the idea is to put the young adolescents on a pedestal. Right in the centre of the town, where they can see and been seen


published in the

catalogue 'oog in oog'

politie Amsterdam Amstelland


Point of excitement 2010
Public window
Leiden (NL)


The shop window has been tranfered into a software window. The viewer can control the works through the use of touch-screens fitted to the window.  The occasional passer-by can change form, movement and / or lighting of the works.

sb-05 16 510
SKOL Utrecht 2008
photo’s of performance protecting the border of a neighbourhood

transistation, 2003/2004

research project about travelling and movements at railway station Amsterdam RAI

in co-operation with urban anthropologist Dr. K. Wildner

commissioned by

Virtuel Museum Zuidas,


What characterizes a public

space like the RAI station and

what is its function?

Is it a stage for social interaction or for anonyms encounters?

Can it be considered as public space?

Where does it begin?

What are its boundaries?

What and who is the public?

Photos and videos, drawings interviews and observation protocols

random city walk
Lüneburg, 2001

in collaboration with bUG
8 hours, 18 movements
18 measured and described places​

The random city walk is a walkthrough a city to explore urbancharacteristics.Every time we changeddirection, a marker was left,a performance took place,sounds were recorded,and research was done.During 04131 Town Projects Symposium we presented acombination of all the recordedmaterial. The works wereshown simultaneously.​

random city walk
Lüneburg, 2001

in collaboration with bUG
8 hours, 18 movements
18 measured and described places​

video trailer

In ´Random City Walk´ in Luneborg, Germany, bUG presents different approaches to urban space and architecture. Performance in Wassertum Luneborg with art works by: Thomas Wildner, Edward Janssen

Kathrin Wildner, Jens Röhm, Sonja Beiyering,

random city walk
Dubrovnik 2000

3 hours, 78 movements​

The Random City walk was a walk through the old city of Dubrovnik without any aim other than exploring the urban characteristics of the city. Different from the classical situationistic derive where the walker was guided just by his own personal preferences, an electronic device guided me at the random city walk. This device provided me with

 the direction and the distance he had to walk by giving him random numbers. The walk was independent of subjective
decisions and led to an objective urban experience free of any contextual boarders. Every change of direction was marked by a little gray card on the wall of the houses. These cards were continuously numbered from 0 to 100

rauschen 1998

as circle Ø 400 x 35 cm

13 parts, 3 layers

polyethylene foam

Rauschen is a floating sculpture

made for the exhibition

‘Archipel’ on the lake ‘Nieuwe

Meer” in Amsterdam.

The primary circle shape is

randomly divided into 13


Under the influence of wind

and waves the circle is

breaking up and the parts spreading out over the lake.


© 2013 Thomas Wildner​​